Who was Dick Verbsky?

Dick Verbsky was a man who truly enjoyed the outdoors and the gifts nature provides to all of us.  He spent most of his life enjoying nature but it was not until late in his life when he discovered something that meant so much more.  Watching the joy from the eyes of a child who got to experience one of these gifts, especially a child who may not have the same opportunities all of us take for granite every day.

Dick also had a huge respect for everyone in our military, all who have scarified so much so the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms we have.  Dick was an Army veteran himself, and was proud of his service and was truly thankful for the service of others.

In 2016 we lost Dick to cancer, but his memory and love for the outdoors will continue through this organization.  With the help of his wife Gladys, we created Dick Verbsky’s Disadvantaged Adventures in his name, and we are dedicated to providing these adventures in nature for those less advantaged, and those who have been injured while serving our country.  But in the end, it will be the rest of us who are truly given the ultimate gift.  Watching and seeing that joy in the eyes of those so deserving.

Dick Verbsky's Disadvantaged Adventures, Incorporated was established as a non-profit charitable organazation in 2017.  It officers are:

Rick Verbsky                              President
Lori Verbsky                               Secretary / Treasurer
Glady Verbsky                          Vice President
Josh Schuelke                           Vice President
Dan Schauder                           Vice President

Our annual meeting is on the first Saturday in Feburary at Red's Big Bear Lodge.  Anyone who wishes to become a volunteer or involved in DVDA are welcom to attend.

Dick Verbsky's Disadvantaged Adventures is an organzation dedicated to providing hunting, fishing, and other out door adventures to children with disabilities, illnesses, or to children who may simply not have the oppotunites to experience all that nature has to offer.  We also provide these sameopportunities to all who have been harmed while serving our country to protect our freedoms. 

Every year we go through the selection process where we take all of the nominee applications and determine who the best candidate is for our adventures.  We also work with other organazations in Wisconsin who provide similar opportunities for these candidates.  If DVDA cannot provide the adventure desired by any candidate, we will most likely have sources who may be able to.

Once a candidate is selected, we start the process of finding a sponsor to donate a tag to that candidate.  When a tag is secured, DVDA truly makes this a family event.  The candidate and sponsor are notified and the adventure is planned.  During the event we try to have the candidates family join us by the campfire, enjoying food and drinks while they wait for their loved one to return.  Our goal is to make the whole experience a special one for not just the candidate, but for their entire family.